three angels

3 beautiful faces smile at me Taken away suddenly Because 1 man hated Hated so deeply Extinguished the life from their eyes Because of his bigotry There is no anger left in me Sadness has seeped through my soul My mind tells me to protest, To hold them by the standards they hold us Us […]

On holy men

The Holy Men From birth we revere them Raised to believe they are sages with answers so profound, it is beyond our understanding Led to believe that they are the people who know God, that they emulate the Beloved. Ha! The Holy Men They are just men. men who sin Who cheat Who lie Who […]


Don’t knock her Don’t think you won’t be her That you’d be smarter, wiser, prepared You won’t And when it happens You’ll finally understand She will come to your mind and it will be too late to take back your judgement Hot tears streaming down your face isn’t enough to say no, to get out, […]


To a child of Syria I will hold you in my heart forever I will love you everyday in the hope that it touches your heart. I will pray for your protection, Your safety Your health Your success Your happiness Your contentment I will hold this moment in my heart and never let it go.

A prayer for the parents

  The mother whose womb bore, body split open to bring you crying into the world The father who paced countless nights trying to soothe your ugly crying face The mother who slaved herself willingly for you oh unappreciated King The father who sweated and toiled for your every want oh entitled little prince Never […]


Walking around with a broken heart makes you lopsided, as if the side effect is long term imbalance. Maybe that’s what it is though, maybe the order never corrects itself when you don’t end up with the person you most love. Heartbreak is like a disease that feeds on itself. It consumes your mind and […]

Strange City

New bed New city In the dead of night, when sleep evades Thoughts of you turn torturous. For home is where you are Comfort is your smile Safety is your arms Happiness is your laugh Stepping into your shadow completes me. As the dawn breaks in this strange city My heart can’t wait to return […]