I got a text message from a friend in South Africa who I have not heard from in a long time. It got me thinking about him and how very strange our friendships is. We dont keep in contact that much and yet I am as close to him as I am to my best friends who I speak to 10 times a day. How is that? I think that it amazes me, the nature of some relationshsips and makes me wonder why the bonds of our friendship didnt die like it has with so many friends.

I moved to Australia almost 8 years ago and so many friends who I thought I would be friends with my whole life, I have no idea where they are. The different life choices, the distance and so many other factors lead to a lack of communication which eventually just dissapears.

So why didnt that happen with him, we have different lives, heading in different directions. He is married and has a kid. We live in different countries. We hardly ever speak. I have no idea what job he has and yet I can with no hesitation call him my best friend. I would gladly rely and lean on him for anything without feeling like I shouldn’t. I can share anything including all embarassing moments with him and feel totally comfortable so why is this?

The only thing I can figure out is the experiences that we share can create this unshakeable respect and from that respect comes this deep love that binds you together forever. Going through some of the toughest and best times and being there for each other binds your soul so that no matter how many months or years since you last talked or no matter how many miles away you are, no matter what, you are bound together forever.

If that is the case and this is why after so long we pick up where we left, then I am so very fortunate to have a friend like that. I friend who reads my soul when he hears my voice and see’s my heart when he looks at my eyes.  This is what real friendship is. Thank you my friend for all you are and for all that you have been. I love you


3 thoughts on “friendships

  1. I have a few friendships like this, & I value them dearly. People come & go in our lives, & it used to sadden me when friendships drifted, but now I appreciate their time in life, and accept that life is fluid & it’s not necessarily a bad thing for people to move out of one’s life

  2. That’s so true 🙂 I think once we accept this we actually appreciate the time that we have with people. Today I miss SA and my friends and family

  3. its funny coz when i was reading this line, i read TRUST instead of Respect… just automatically… funny right?

    “The only thing I can figure out is the experiences that we share can create this unshakeable respect and…”

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