Little Miss Meggles

Little miss Meg came into the shop just then. She is about 4 and visits me almost everyday when her mum comes shopping and sometimes she spends a couple of hours here while her mum does her thing. She has big blue eyes and almost platinum blonde hair and is just adorable. She is always full of stories, hugs and loves to sit and colour with me.

So she walks in today with a scarf wrapped around her small head. Half the fringe was hanging out and her little hands were trying to shove all the hair back underneath, she looked so proud. She looks up and says “look emancipation, I look just like you now and it’s my favourite colour”. It was just the most adorable thing in the world. She was so proud of herself and just beamed the whole time she was here

Hats off to her mum for going out and buying her little girl a scarf cos she wanted to look like me. I thought it was awesome that she took the time to explain to Miss Meg why I wore it and let her experiment herself with it. I mean I know she’s 4 but when she grows up, I also know she’ll understand why I wear the hijab and she will know about Islam and that leaves me with a smile on my face.


6 thoughts on “Little Miss Meggles

  1. little miss meg sounds adorable.
    glad that her mum is one of those intelligent types and not doos 😀
    hopefully as she grows up she will think about these moments and make the decisions that will lead her to the good…

  2. I told eliza, her mum that im going to have to put a pic up of her in her hijab. She came up today with no hijab, but was very excited that I had on bling ( silver is one of her fav colours)

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