Sunrise Frost

I love mocktails! I love experimenting with pretty looking drinks in different glasses. I dont do measurements so good luck if you decide to try this one.

You’ll need freshly squeezed orange juice with or without pulp depending on how you like it, grapefruit juice, and Grenadine syrup, a lime and lots of ice.

I love to frost my glasses. I keep them in the fridge and put them into the freezer when I start squeezing the orange juice.

So start with filling your glass with ice cubes, add a good splash of grenadine, let it settle, slowly add grapefruit juice so that you fill one third of the glass and then add the orange juice( remember if your oranges arent sweet you going to have to use store bought orange juice), drop in a few thinly sliced lime juices and garnish with a toothpick through a couple of cherries and there you have a halal version of a tequila sunrise 🙂

Perfect for summer! Enjoy


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Frost

  1. I keep telling myself I should try making virgin cocktails but never do., They do look very pretty. I saw some recipes last week in the Star I think. Going to try this one

  2. bb-aisha- welcome and you should definatly give it a go, they do look nice and are quite yummy. If you guys get hibiscus flowers in syrup in SA you should def try them out. you put one flower and abit of syrup (pref in a champagne glass) and then you top it up with ice cold soda water. The flower basically grows and it looks so awesome and you can eat the flower when you done with your drink 🙂

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