I know that we still in Spring and Im jumping the gun but I was talking to a friend and she reminded that Summer will soon be upon us.

It made me think of last Summer, It was such a good time. The week was normal with work same old same old but Sundays were just incredible. It was the first Summer since donning the hijab that I had something that I could swim in ( Thanks to the burqini).

Every Sunday R would ring me early to get me up and I’d moan and groan but I’d get up anyway and we’d get the kids together and pack everything we needed and made our trek to the beach. he beach we went to was about 45 mins away and its a beautiful beach. It doesnt have any waves which was a dissapointing but I soon got over it cos it was this giant swimming pool.

The kids would be in bathers and lots of sunscreen smeared over their rosy red cheeks, they’d be nagging about how long it would take us to get there. It’s a mission to find parking and I got myself bogged in the sand a couple of times. As we walk through the crowds of happy families and screaming kids, we’d find ourselves stopping along the way to greet people that we knew. This was a whole new experience for me since moving to Australia. There were mainly Muslims at the beach. Arab families with lahme on the BBQ, Chai and hookah’s all over. Most of the woman in Hijab sitting in the sun trying to dry off.  I was just amazed. We finally find our crowd. R’s entire family was there. Her parents and her brother, her mother in law and 4 brother in laws and their familes and some other randoms.

By the time we finish kisses all round, R’s 11 yr old son is in the water and the two girls are nagging us to take them in. That first splash into the icy water is all I need to remove all thoughts of deadlines, cases, events and anything else cluttering my mind. I love the ocean, the salty smell and taste on my lips, the refreshing icyness of the water, the beautiful bright blue colour of Australian beaches. aaahhhh, pure bliss.

We’d get on the jet ski and we’d sit in blow up boats and we’d jump on each others heads and take the younger kids for rides on our backs and everyone from the little one’s to Jiddo(grandfather) and taita( grandmother) would be in the water. There was this sense of belonging, of family, of friendship. The best feeling in the world.

At some point my mum and dad would pitch up and they’d get in the water also and all they are interested is R’s youngest daughter who they love more than anything else. It would be almost sunset when they insist we get out of the water. It was never enough for R and I. We’d come to shore and sit there so close to each other and we’d watch the sun set and talk about the dreams we had as little girls. The kind of things that I dont think we’d normally ever speak off. There was something about that moment that took us back to our childhood, that made it possible for us to want our fairytales.

No one around us understood those moments that we shared, they all just thought we were being weird but jiddo did ( R’s dad). He was the person who brought the food and everything any of us could possibly think of needing at the beach. He’d make us a plate of food each and come and give it to us. We’d be starving and grateful he remembered us with all the hungry dogs around.

Eventually we’d get up and go and join everyone else sitting in virtual darkness. We’d pray and Jiddo would have our chai ready with lebanese sweets and we’d sit and sip our chai and join in the discussions with everyone else and eventually it would be time to go home. The kids would fall asleep the minute we got into the car and when we got home I’d help her carry their sticky bodies into the house and hug her and go home to bed myself.

I wonder if we will ever be able to recapture that this summer. Was that just the Summer of 2007 or will this Summer be equally amazing. hmmm… I guess R and I went through alot of different things this year, we’ve both changed in different ways. Although we’ve only beceome closer… Let’s just wait and see what Summer brings with it. What I do know is that Summer will definatly bring Jiddo’s BBQ no matter what we do 🙂


6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. dude you calling it a BBQ…lol
    say BRAAI 😛
    o and remember the events of getting everyone together and heading to the beech
    brill times and then going to splash in your pool
    sigh the days

    when you whipping me up one of your tantalising drinks 🙂

  2. lol, It’s a BBQ, havn’t heard the word braai in yonks. I mean even my parents now say BBQ so that tells you something.

    Man, that was the good old days. I miss that pool. You know my fondest memories of the K and K families was on new years eve. We’d be in freeda’s pool and we’d be celebrating shane’s birthday and as much as it was heaps of fun, I hated being there. I wanted to be out partying.

    You need to come to Oz and we’ll sit on the beach drinking mocktails 🙂

  3. lol i remem those nights
    we all wanted to be out partying but o well at least we made memories lol
    eish you all gone ozzy on us 😛
    BBQ’s and what nots 😛
    i had a BRAAI this weekend was yummylicious and brill hehehe

    one day when i make enough money i will drop in for your mocktails but you never know you maybe arriving back here sooner then you think for fatis wedding then you can make for us a whole lot at her bridal shower rofl

  4. that’s just not going to happen. The wedding is apparently on the 25th of december. My diary is full till the 10th of January and even if I cleared it, there’s no way im spending $5000 to come for three days like I did the last time. I refuse!

    So start saving, come over to aus and we’ll do a trip to beautiful melbourne and then you’ll decide that Oz is where you need to live 🙂

  5. I spoke to her and she reckons he is lying and the date is set for the 21st of march so I guess I might be making mocktails after all. Can we go away to sun city for a few days instead of a bridal shower???


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