I remember…

I remember the first day we met, you followed me for 6 hours, I ignored you

I remember you begging for my number

I remember enjoying the feeling

I remember our first date, you couldn’t stop smiling

I remember the first time you held my hand and we walked down the pier

I remember feeling careless and carefree, it didn’t matter who saw us, all that mattered was you

I remember the hours on the phone, the lack of sleep

I remember sneaking out of the house, stolen moments sitting in the car outside

I remember the presents, so many presents

You were so solemn when you took my hands in yours and looked at me and told me that you loved me

Im sorry I laughed but I was too nervous to do anything else

I remember the moment I fell in love with you

I remember crying when I told you that I loved you

I remember your smile

I remember the day we almost got caught, you held me close as I panicked

I remember the day your dad called mine, I sat there on the phone with you feeling sick. My stomach was turning inside out.

I remember spending hours talking to you about our life together and how wonderful it was going to be.

I remember the day I found out you spent the night with her

It felt like someone had punched me in the guts and pulled my heart out of my chest

I remember you denying anything happened

I remember the months apart and the fighting

I remember them telling me I was stupid to trust you again

I remember you smiling at me telling me that you loved me

I remember the final plans to be married

I remember looking at you, and feeling as if you were a stranger

I remember saying goodbye to you

I remember being your friend

I remember the hours on the phone and the I love you at the end of the call

We just friends right?

I remember the day before you wedding, we cried for hours.

Why were you crying?

I remember you and her calling me when you were married

I remember the years in between when we were not in touch

Sometimes I’d wonder how you were, most of the time I didn’t even remember you

I remember your divorce

I remember feeling guilty though I had nothing to do with it

I remember the calls

I remember hating you

I remember missing you

You were my best friend. No one knew me like you did even after all that time

I remember the accident

I remember thinking I could never live without you

I remember wanting to forget the past and start again

Why didn’t that work out?

I remember slowly slipping away from you, the distance ever increasing

I remember falling in love with someone else

I remember you supporting me

I remember the days and months that went by without speaking to you

I remember always being able to pick up where we left off

I remember telling you Im ready to settle down, I think

You insist you want another chance. You tell me that my destiny is entwined with yours. You tell me no one else can love me like you do. I know this is true. I’ve always known. The problem is, I do not love you in the same way. The thing is, if destiny wanted us to be together, it would have happened a long time ago. Im sorry.

I will always remember. You will always remember. The one thing that will always be ours.


5 thoughts on “I remember…

  1. sniff sniff
    urr tell me again why you never wanted to blog?
    you brill at it

    and i remember memories similar to this hmmmm


  2. I’m with MJ here…replacing all your sentences with mine…It rings very close to my own story…*tear*
    Geez, can someone take the knife out of my heart already? Thanx.

    Seriously AMAZING piece…so sad and bittersweet.

  3. MJ- Welcome and thanks.

    Azra- I don’t think the pain the memories bring ever dissapears even after we move on. It’s just that way with some experiences. In a way for me, it’s a reminder of what was and I don’t ever want to forget šŸ™‚

    Sucker for punishment.lol

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