I am sooooooo pissed off right now i want to hurt some fucker. I gave up my Sundays which I could have used for something useful, and went to work because we needed to get these forums done and they could only happen on a Sunday. I agreed and the spoken agreement with Horseshit boss was that I would get 3 times my normal rate which means that working on Sunday I earned more that i would have earned for a weeks worth of work.

Now that I’ve submitted my hours, the pancake faced chick says to me I don’t qualify for that rate and I will be paid at the normal fucking rate. I mean are you fucking serious? My dear horseshit face boss says sorry he was mistaken. SORRRY DOESN’T HELP ME!

I am angry, pissed off, angry, annoyed, angry, going to hurt something, angry, slow torture, angry angry ANGRY!


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