The girl with the smiling eyes

We held hands and rolled down the hill, laughing and tumbling

We rejoiced when you announced your wedding

We sang and danced before we said goodbye

As your prince charming carried you away

We visited your new home and I must say we were envious

He proved to be the right choice by the sound of what you said

It became harder and harder to see you as life got busier and busier

We tried in vain and gave up on trying to see your happy face

We knew that you were happy with your prince and that seemed good enough

Time passed until we bumped into you at a wedding much like your own

You looked like you had shrunk into yourself, your eyes constantly moving

Your hands constantly wringing

Your face downcast

Your body all bones and nervous twitches

We swallowed the bile that promised to choke us and talked incessantly about nothing at all

I didn’t know how to protect you, I didn’t know what to do.

You lied and you ran and you hid what the monster did

We tried in vain to contact you, you were impossible to find

Then we heard about your babe, a little girl with smiling eyes they said

We shed tears for our girl with smiling eyes now gone

We met again by chance and I pushed and I pushed and I kept pushing you until you broke

Now I was the Monster, who broke you

I held you in my arms, I assured you it will be OK and that there was another way

You went away that day and dissapeared again

I fought and raged and blamed myself,

It really was in vain

Until he raised his hand to the smiling eyed babe

The spirit that the monster took seemed to return with might

You grew a hundred fold and shoved it in his face

You walked away without a backward glance….

The road to making you whole again is long and arduos

Remember you have friends


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