The Protector

He held her on the day she was born, he smiled at her perfection

He brought her home, pride emanating, for all the family to see

He lovingly bathed her, crawled on his knees playing with her, exclaiming in delight at every little new thing she did

He took her hand, the tear dropped and he took a deep breath and said goodbye at the gate

He sat and helped with homework and attended her first play

He ate the cake she baked, hard as stone. He ate till the last piece and begged her for more

He struggled under the burden, he saw it spiralling under control, the uncertainty bearing down like a tonne of bricks

He listened, keeping his head down trying to find an out, working like a deamon for such a meagre amount

And then the BOMBS came.

The curdling screams of women, the blood on the streets, the maimed and the tortured running around lost

He held them close, he said it would be OK.

And the BOMBS continued

They heard the stories of rape and murder, the food was not enough, they came to steal the country and decided to take the lot

And then the soldiers came

They crashed through the door

He tried to talk to them, mumbling in broken english, actions begging for mercy

They laughed at his pleas, they were here to claim what was not theirs

The sound of the gun hitting his head brought the women running out

And now the soldiers smiled

They bound them, the mother first, it would stop her cries, one by one they had a go while the daughter sat and whimpered

The blood curdling cry woke him up, they gagged and bound him and sat him down to watch

They pulled his precious baby, jeering each other on

He raged and silently screamed rocking the chair over as they tore into her

One by one they had their way

He looked into his daughters eyes willing it to be a dream, he saw it drain of life

The soldiers jobs were over, there were many houses to visit

The mother shakily got to her feet, stony face, stiff hands untying the broken man

He weeped for days and could not face a soul, the mirror showed only a coward who failed as their Protector

He never looked at her again, his lil precious daughter

The bombs kept coming, the promise of liberation and freedom

She came to him begging for forgiveness, she didn’t know what she had done

He didn’t know what to say, He could not face the shame

She wept bitter tears as she heard the front door close

They brought his body home the next day, she didn’t cry a tear


5 thoughts on “The Protector

  1. weird i just wrote something similar
    well about having a baby girl
    and fearing her getting hurt
    you just took it one step further
    well written

  2. Thanks- I look forward to reading your post

    It’s so difficult to always protect those that we love

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