public snogging

A friend of mine is recently married but they’ve been together awhile. It was a long distant relationship until 3 months before the wedding. During those months, they were with each other 24/7. The wedding is now over, so is the honeymoon. I understand the feeling of being so giddily in love and wanting to touch the other person all the time but for fucks sake get a room.

Im not a prude, really.

Β I don’t mind if you holding hands and sitting close or even the odd kiss when you amongst your family and friends. It’s kinda cute especially since they newly married, it induces the awwwww, so schweet reaction.


Last night all their family was over at her parents house and a few friends.Β Β He constantly needed to touch her and she constantly needed to run her hands up and down his thigh, then his hand is on her ass, then he is kissing her, all while the family is sitting around having a conversation. I think its incredibly disrespectful with your grandfather sitting next to you to be carrying on like that

We left their’s to go back to mine for a session of singstar. I rocked BTW! He was all over her, He kept smacking her ass, HE KEPT DOING IT, he would look for excuses to spank her ass. They were laying all over each other with him at one stage rubbing his hands across her chest. They were constantly either joined at the lips, his hand on her ass or they were laying on top of each other. Is it necessary, I ask you?

‘Cos if you horny, then you should have stayed at home, went to bed and did your thing, or you could have both escaped from everyone and had a quickie and come back down.

I think that it should be common decency and respect to those around you to not be slobbering all over each other. We really not that into knowing about your sex life. He kept passing comments about what was going to happen later when they got home.

I can tell you now that if I ever decide to take the plunge and commit my eternity to a man and he tried to spank my ass in front of my friends or my family, I’d give him a look that will most likely kill him and hence he will never do it again.

There is a time and place for everything. There is a thriving industry that deals with public make-out sessions so how about we leave it to the professionals?

Does this annoy anyone else?


8 thoughts on “public snogging

  1. it’d kill me. i can’t take the gushy eyed stares on a good day, the touching would make me spit some bile.

    a mate of mine did that when her and now hubby were engaged… except it wasn’t this adult spanking business (ps: i hate the spanking, even when i’m out and random men do it to their partners – its so foul) it was this baby talk which drove me mad.

    what’s worse is he wasn’t doing anything! it was just her! i was like ffs… GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! I’M RIGHT HERE!!!!!! urgh.

  2. Like you said, holding hands is fine…the odd kiss is tolerable…but what you just described? I HATE HATE HATE public displays of affection. I can become quite rude and bitchy and would have actually went to the fridge, gotten some ice cold water and poured it over the both of them lol.

    Seriously, there is a thing called respect. And life is not a porno movie so like you said “get a room”…the world does not have to witness their public trysts, its disgusting….its taking something that is supposed to be intimate and “special” and making it lewd and dirty….and the in front of the family?!?! No man, that is just wrong.

  3. slow down horsie… slow down!!!
    there’s nothing wrong on PDA, but you are right, it should always have a limitations.
    but then again the fine line between PDA and making out totally vanishes because not many cant see the fine line. the way i see it, PDA is only limitted to holding hands, little hugs, and little kisses, nothing more.
    how gross to be doing so much when your family is around!!

  4. forget about the horny couple – i wanna know more about how you rocked at singstar πŸ˜€

    Concerning PDA – I wrote about this exactly a year ago πŸ™‚

    “Coming back to my mood, I don’t think I’m a hopeless romantic, but I sure as hell have a romantic side to me, and right now I really want that to be complemented somehow. I’d love random e-mails or sms’s or facebook posts out of the blue saying ‘thinking about you’ or i miss you’ or ‘i wish you were’. I want to be called loving names. I want offline mxit messages. I want spontaneous gestures of affection (not talking about public display of affection – that’s not my scene) I want cappuccino and croissants. I want guilty pleasures like holding hands in a darkened cinema. I want to share my food. I want it to be public, but at the same time private (publicly people must know that I’m taken, but they must not know who it is – shit – i cant explain this at two in the morning) I don’t want expensive gifts but simple love. Someone who’ll stand with me when Ive been wronged, who’ll be proud of me when i accomplish something. That gets to me. alot. When I get a lucrative job offer, or I’m elected on a board or I influence something or do something, I have no one to share that joy with”

    You write very well. I dont know how to link you though – unless youre cool with ‘concerning emancipation’

  5. aasia-Good on you. Thats exactly what the a$$hole deserved.

    sk- stolen kisses and holding hands I have no problem with but when you play spanking my best friends ass in frnt of grandpa it’s abit over the top. excuse me while I puke.

    MJ- Thanks πŸ™‚ concerning emancipation would be awesome.
    The world needs more guys like you *sigh* that’s a beautiful description of what I want. I just know I’d never be able to have put it so well. Good luck in finding her and I’ll keep you posted on finding him πŸ™‚ On more important matters though- Im not sure where I developed this talent for it but recently I rock at singstar. Give me the Killers on singstar anyday and there is only one person so far who can top me πŸ™‚

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