It was a very sudden and impulsive decision to meet my mum in Singapore for a few days and then have a couple of days to myself. I had so many things to do at home and I knew going away meant dumping some of my responsibility onto someone else. M, as always proved to be the one peson I can always rely on and took all my tasks on so I could leave. There is something very distinct about the way Singapore smells. I don’t think I can actually describe the smell but if someone could capture it for me I’d pay money. As we disembarked, the humidity hit me. I really do melt in humidity although my hair just thrives in it. My mum,aunt and cousin were there to meet me at 3am and as we sped through the streets of Singapore it felt like coming home. We’ve been visiting Sing since I was 10 very regularly and having family there always makes it the choice for stop over flights. The smell hadn’t yet hit. We got home and crashed.

In the light of day, it was awesome to see familiar sights and sounds and the freedom from responsibility was so overwhelming. My morning swim in the cool water and the silence of being under water was the cleansing I needed to forget everything. I lied on the pool lounge eating breakfast, catching up on the gossip from my mum about her trip to malaysia and it was if my body drained off all tension and my mind’s worries was slowly leaking away.

We decided to bus it to Orchard Road ( shoppers paradise). The bus stop seemed to have more ex-pats than Singaporeans. I found this rather strange. t wasn’t so the last trip I was there. The choices of halal food made my taste buds dance. Unfortunatly Oz doesn’t really have much choice in halal food outlets. KFC was the first stop. Zinger burger and cheesy fries. It was so yummy.

The next few days were spent with my mum shopping and me dragging my feet following. I wanted to spend the time relaxing and pampering myself and trying new things instead of walking from shop to shop but it was nice to see her happy and to spend time with her so I went along and also managed to find a few things for myself.

Oh did I say that my very first day, getting into Orchard the smell of Singapore hit me and I loved it. It just made me feel like I was on holiday.

My uncle from SA was in Singapore on business and we got to meet him as well which was cool. On friday we went to mosque and Arab street was inundated with Turks. The transformation from July when I was last there was amazing. Yeh there were heaps of Turks then but this was out of control. Don’t get me wrong, Im definatly not complaining. I mean Turkish men are so easy on the eye! Every second cafe offered Shisha on the menu, every second store selling Turkish artwork and rugs. I went in to one of the restuarants for a turkish coffee and I got to meet Adrana who is a young Turkish women who had moved to Singapore 3 years ago. Even though she found it difficult to speak in English we managed to have an interesting conversation. She had moved over with her husband,Mehmet. Now girls, one look at Mehmet is enough to make you swoon. He was just sooo hot. I must admit it took all my willpower to not keep staring at him.

I went back wih my cousin the next night for desert and shisha. Adrana was as happy to see me as I was to see her. Human connections always amaze me. It was just an instant connection. I spent the next few days visiting that cafe every evening and staying till the very wee hours of the next morning. We discussed everything from living in Singapore, life in turkey, my migration from South Africa to politics to movies to food. Anything and everything was up for long discussion while I drank cup after cup of trukish coffee and tea and got high on all the smoke from my water pipe.

My one week away from home turned out to be a brilliant holiday because of the few people I had met. I found so many similarities with these strangers. Saying goodbye to them, saying goodbye to Adrana was very sad. People come into our life for different reasons, to teach us different things and only stay with us for a fixed time. It’s not often that they stay with us for life. These people taught me so many things, the most important being about relationships. The dynamics of their relationship was so nice to watch. It gives you that warm feeling and shows just how important it is to compromise. I pray they always have such a relationship and that the friendship and bond we dveloped is a life long one.



2 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. What a co-incidence…my uncle (he’s 3 years older than me so he’s more like a close cousin) has been living in Amsterdam for the past two years…but for the past three months, has been working in Singapore every second week! The commute is taxing, but he enjoys it.

    When my Mother went to Malaysia and Indonesia, she said that she felt like she arrived at home.

    I always say that we meet people to teach us different things in our own lives…and when they exit our lives, the lesson has been learnt.

    Lovely post 😀

  2. the travelling must b crazy! I don’t know how he does it. I hope they flying him business class. You should choose Kota Kinabalu as your island destination or even koh samui.

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