Beetroot on a burger is such an Aussie thing.  Yes, random comment I know. My mum looked at me very strangely when I said I want beetroot on my burger. It’s wonderful the way we adapt to different things and different tastes.

A couple of nights ago we were watching the DVD of my friends wedding.I was the MC. I went to the kitchen to get some water and I heard my voice even though I couldn’t see the screen, I knew it was me yet it sounded nothing like me.  I had an accent!. Now I know I have a slight accent which can get abit stronger depending on who I’m with but this was a South African wedding and I’ve assumed that when Im with South Africans I sound like I always have but apparently I don’t. My accent has changed and I sound like an Australian.

3 months ago at a conference I ate vegemite on toast for breakfast. I mean Vegemite!

I think I might actually be Australian! The South African in me is being eroded. I was telling this to my parents this morning and they both looked at me like I was weird and my mum said to me ” You haven’t been South African in a long time”. I have to admit that it makes me a teeny bit sad. I guess the flip side to that is that I still love SA and I will always identify with being an Australian from South Africa. Yes!,thats what I am 😀

I’m going to a fundraiser tonight. The community is getting together to raise money for a women who has had her kids kidnapped by her ex husband. In february this year after being seperated from her husband for abit, he upped and took her three daughters to Algeria (his country of origin) without her knowing.  Her three daughters are 10, 8 and 5. He left without telling her a thing. One day they were with him and the next day they had vanished. Since february she has spoken to them only twice. Unfortunatly the Australian Government cannot help her. She needs to apply to the Algerian court for custody of her kids. This means she will have to be in Algeria. As a woman alone I don’t think that’s going to be easy for her. It is going to cost her heaps of money to  fly there, stay there, pay legal costs and try and get her daughters back but I know that any price is worth it. Everytime I see her, I can’t imagine what she must go through, not knowing where they are, how they are and what is going on. I think about her going into Algeria on her own and I wonder if she is going to manage with the language barriers and I wonder what their legal system is like.

If she loses the custody battle  she  will have to come back here without her girls. I don’t even want to think of that. The thought kills me so I can only imagine what it does to her. I think of the girls and I remember their smiles, They are all three so tiny and delicate and such sweethearts.

If the court system doesnt work then her only other option would be Recovery. Basically you hiring the SAS to go in and kidnapp the kids. From what I know it costs about $90 000.00. Not only is this amount huge but I keep thinking of the lasting impact that will have on the girls.

If any of you want to help out you can go to

More importantly pray for her and for the three girls.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. May Allah make easy the path this lady must travel and may she be successful in being re-united with her children. Ameen.

    Question, so when the proteas play the aussies in a couple of week, who will you be cheering on? You Aussie You… 😉

  2. Ameen.
    I know I’m going to get shot for this if my brothers ever see it but I’m going to be supporting the aussies. lol Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi 😛

  3. gr8 read saaleha!…well done uve managed to hold my attention right through to the end…dont think ive read a full article 4 quite some time now….

  4. hahah – just realised…not saaleha’s work
    she just shared via google reader!

    sorry bout that – but still a fantastic read!

  5. my family emigrated to new zealand in 2002 – they moved to Sydney after getting their citizenship – a common practise i hear 😛

    But the funny thing is that while i was there my brother in law supported the all blacks while my 12 year old nephew supported the Boks. MJ supported the confectionary stand

  6. Hey Zahed- I’ll take that as a compliment. Saaleha is an awesome writer 🙂

    MJ- It’s always interesting at my house, Im known as the traitor for supporting Australia. Things sometimes gets heated 🙂 You need to make another trip to Oz 🙂

  7. lol- saaleha my conversion is still in the process, I havn’t gotten that bad but yeh heaps of ozzies call it sweets and call what we call supper,tea which was hard to get used to.

    Oh and what South Africans call sweets, we call lollies.

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