To the elders of my community

Hi, Most of you should know who I am. Some of you know me well, others watch me from a distant and stare me down with looks of disapproval.

Today I write to you with my heart heavy, it’s heavy with the burdens that you cause. When we started our youth organisation, no other organisation like ours had existed and I must admit that we didn’t consult anyone really about it, we didn’t know anyone. But, the minute we realised that it was not as simple as just deciding to start something and see it take off, we took a step back and we sought guidance from you lot. We joined in with organisations that existed and we worked hard in them.We attended anything and everything that was held in our community. We represented the community at every meeting, every consultation held by the government or any other organisations. We tried to fulfill our objectives and sometimes we failed and sometimes we didn’t. We spent our hard earned money so that we could try and get something happening for the young people.

But while we did this, You sat back and watched us, you passed your snide comments and you questioned our intention and integrity. When you saw us at these consultations you turned your face in the other direction and didn’t think we had a right to be there. Did you think we were young and dumb? I never quite got that.

Over the last three years, most of you have had to change your tune and some of you even came kicking and screaming but you had to admit that we were never going to give up and we were here for the long haul and we were going to make a difference. We did what people haven’t done before for this community. We didn’t do it because there is anything great about us, No, we did it because we believe that taking our community forward  is the most important thing, we believe that Islam is the most important thing, we believe that our young people need help to make a difference for the future of Muslims living in Australia and we believe it’s the communities responsibility.

So while, we take on this responsibility and we take on the broken people and the broken homes and the lost souls and we go out there and represent Islam and try and make a difference to everyday lives of Muslims, you lot can spend your very precious time squabbling. Yes, please continue to fight over everything, yes EVERY SINGLE THING!. Go on, keep fighting and arguing. It makes me feel so proud to be Muslim when the Imams start having a go at each other. Yes lets disagree with what one imam said just because we don’t like him. Let’s all start building our own mosques. Yes, of course every Imam needs a mosque and a little following. Let the people who don’t have money feel sufficiently guilty at the Friday prayers to put their hands in their pockets and give you  money for your building while their families die in Palestine. Yes, their families and not some person who they call brother because supposedly we one Ummah. Oh wait, what about the rich? Yes, let each Imam surround himself with a few of those, Lets condone everything they do as long as they dig deep into those pockets and help to build a mosque for the Imam. Funny though, that in these same mosques with the dwindling population you stand up and you say, help your brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Help them and your beard soaks with tears. Excuse me while I vomit. Ha, it doenst even make me feel better. You get your congregation to remember these Muslims who are being annihilated and Congratulations for that because their earnest prayers will make a difference but I can’t help but wonder why you don’t remind them of this when you take their money for a building that’s not needed.

If we had no mosques, I would understand, We have places to pray in and to worship Allah in. They are plentiful. Some are standing for over 100 years and yet they are empty. So I don’t understand why every Imam is trying to build another mosque and most not even 15 minutes away from other mosques. The building of these mosques brings these learned men to argue with each other, to fight, to try and fight for territory, for support of the people, for power.

Each Organisation and group of people are trying to cut the other down, to get rid of them, to take over, to be the only authority.

I look to these people as someone so new in this field and I want to look to them for guidance but I know now that I can’t.  They too busy fighting for power and I shouldn’t interrupt them.

They shouldn’t be disturbed while our young people suffer from identity crisis, while new refugees are taken on by Christian Missionaries, while fathers beat up wives and mothers abuse children, while the media bashes and tarnishes the name of Islam, while Muslims are dying all across the world, while Gaza burns and Iraq ia bulldozed, while our kids don’t get proper educations in Islamic schools let alone no Islamic knowledge in Islamic Schools. Sorry to have bothered you with these stupid problems, I’ll let you go back to  collecting money for your mosque.


2 thoughts on “To the elders of my community

  1. The longing never ends. I wander like a lost and lonely cloud through the emptiness and confusion of my own mind. Sometimes there are these really familiar images, and sometimes it is all so strange, it is like being in a place you dont belong. But as the time passes, the strange/ness becomes a part of you, it did become a part of me and the person I am now. Yet the confusion continues.

    Sometimes I am tangled between the known and the unknown and sometimes I wish I could stand up and make a noise from a voice which THEY ALL COULD HEAR.

    Wonderful Post!

  2. You’d think that with age, people have a certain sense of responsibility…
    I’ve found that the “elders” don’t always know what is best.

    Some people are also governed by their egos and own agendas.
    I wish people could take a step back and look at the bigger picture for once. The world is so much more then petty squabbles and all the effort could be put to better use.

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