False White Supremacy

People from all races, religions  and nations are racist. It’s not just a Muslim thing or a White thing, Its a human thing that comes from years of social conditioning and I’m sure academics could spend years trying to explain why humans are. I am racist even though I might not want to admit it but my following rant kinda proves it.

I hate patronising white people. Yes, I said it. I’m not lumping all white people in the same basket but I do really really despise the patronising one’s who think that they are superior because of this false notion that their skin colour makes them so. Things are different in Australia compared to South Africa where I grew up. Living in South Africa I never felt my Muslimness. It was never something that people seemed to notice or that I was aware of. I didn’t have to wear it as a badge and I wasn’t put into the Muslim box because of my hijab, not even when I wore a niqab with my converse shoes. ( A few muslims did look at me skew though when they saw my shoes) But here in Australia, in many ways one is put into the Muslim box and all the stereotyped labels of what a “Muslim” is, is plastered on your forehead.

My eyes cloud over with red mist when someone tells me that my english is good two minutes into the conversation. They have this amazed and awed look on their face and feel the need to pat me on the back for speaking so well. I want to fucking punch them. I really do. How dare the stupid fucker assume that I cant speak english. Wearing a hijab doesn’t hinder my language you fucknut!. I didn’t want to swear through this post but it makes me sooo angry. Unfortunately though, it’s only ever white people who want to congratulate me on being able to speak English.

When they come into my shop and after they’ve gotten over the amazement that I can speak English, they need to enquire where I am from. Yes!, it’s not only dodgy old ethnic men at kebab stores that need to know this. A lot of white people do too.  The question annoys me and depending on my mood, or how obnoxious they are my answer is either South African or Australia. When I say South Africa, they need to wonder then how I’m muslim and are there Muslims there. The fact that I answered South Africa means im being quite tolerant and so I explain that there are lots of Muslims in South Africa and try my best to divert the topic to something else. But if they’ve sufficiently pissed me off (see above) , this is how the conversation goes

Swine: So where are you from?

Me: Australia

Swine ( with pink faced tolerant look): No, where are you originally from?

Me (even more patient look on my face): Aus tra lia

Swine: Where were you born? Like where are you parents from?

Me: (laughs) I’m from Australia, so are my parents. We are from Australia. Where are you from?

Swine: (splutters) Of course I’m from Australia.

Me: Well it’s not always obvious. And where were your parents born?

After that, they pretty much find the fastest way to leave and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Some of the other things that annoy me to no end is the way  paper pushers at government departments get a Muslim women coming to the counter and all of a sudden, their voices are raised and they speak one syllable at a time. Fuckwit, I can hear you, there is no need to speak so loud and can you speak abit faster ‘cos I have things to do. The assumption that because she is  darker than you and she has a hijab on, doesnt make her stupid, slow or deaf. And if she is a woman who is a new migrant and can’t speak or understand english very well. you can scream as loud as you want, it isn’t going to make a difference you moron. Wait, you obviously so stupid you cant grasp this fact. Why don’t you look up and see the number for the interpreter service and use it???? Oh, thats too difficult, rather get annoyed with her because you’re stupid!

I went to a morning Tea last year that was organised for the community to meet the Prime Minister. We were waiting 45 minutes in the hot sun before we were allowed into the building which was annoying but Ok, these things happen. I was talking to a woman who was a Chaplain of her Church when one of the Prime Ministers aides came up to me with a bottle of water in her hand. She says to me in clear loud, mono syllable pronunciation” Do yo u w a nt a dri ink? all the while she is using sign language motioning the water bottle and what should be done with it? I couldn’t help but just stare and so she thought I was just not getting her and kept making the motions of drinking water. The Chaplain’s jaw had dropped and she was red in the face, obviously embarassed. I reached out and touched this women’s hand and asked her if she was Ok and could I get her help? Then it hit her that I could speak English and I understood her and that she looked semi retarded whith all her motioning. I refused the water and kept talking to the Chaplain.

The Prime Minister had arrived and I was sitting down talking to this other guy and people started to stand up to welcome him. We were mid conversation and beside’s I didn’t care much for our ex-prime minister anyway to stand up and welcome him. Some woman comes to say to me, get up! get up! the Prime Minister is here. My reaction was very much and so??? She said to me, we stand to show our respect to which I think I replied, he doesn’t deserve mine. Luckily it was just the man next to me who heard or they might have stoned me, the ass kissers that is.

The final straw of the morning came when another aide decided to socialise and came over  to me. I was  again with the Chaplain. We all three got chatting and she asked me how long I have been in the country.The fact that she is assuming that I’m a migrant annoys me. I said 8 years to which she said oh wow, and where did I come from? I was still polite at this point and told her I was from South Africa. She had to ruin it then didn’t she. She said”Oh, you poor thing, how long did the boat trip take you?” At this point I must tell you that it took all my willpower, every single ounce of it to not scratch her eyes out and just keep banging her head against my knee until I thought some fucking brain cells miraculously appeared.

I don’t have a problem with people who’ve come to Oz on a boat. I understand what that can be like and the treacherous journey it is. I understand the torture and trauma they suffered before that and I know the stigma that is attached to refugees, like being a refugee is not hard enough. I expect someone who works for the government and has helped to organise a multicultural morning tea to know that it is fucking offensive to say something like that. Besides that, the moron should know that one should not assume anything about anyone. A boat from South Africa. You fucking twit, no refugees came on a boat from South Africa. But wait how are you meant to know that, when you retarded???

I turned around and said to her ” I flew here after paying the Australian Government thousands of $’s and had to show proof that I had in excess of R 1,000,000. That’s how I actually got here seeing as you need to know and next time don’t assume anything and I walked out. I think I handled it well considering the thoughts that were going through my mind.

These are the things that piss me off about patronising white people. When they pass comments about how they do things and they giving you poor Ethnic guidance. Fuck off, your way is not better or superior you dimwit mother fucker!

White people need to get over this patronising attitude of theirs. This false superiority has to go! You’ve come into our countries by force, you’ve raped, maimed, killed and tortured us and for most parts we’ve moved on from all of those injustices. When you turn around and patronise me by trying to say that I’m lucky to be here and that I should assimilate and integrate into your culture is fucking insulting and brings back the memories of your crimes.

I am an Australian citizen, I am a tax payer, I contribute to my community and the wider Australian society. It is people like me who bring our food and our culture to Australia that makes it this wonderful place. So when you talk about Australian values and the Australian way of life, tell me what that really means? You don’t know what it means. It cannot really be defined because it is a country that has been built on Migrants. In fact though, if we really want to talk about Australian Values then we should go back to the real Australians, The Aboriginal people, and take our values from them.  In reality, they are the true owners of this land. So when you white people tell me that I should adopt your way, I should integrate and become like you, adopt your values, then I should be like you were. I should be raping you, stealing yor children, stealing your land and turning you all into slaves and then imposing my values, my religion, my morals, my way on life on you. That’s your way isn’t it? So maybe that’s the part we getting wrong, The part where we migrate here and become good citizens and contribute to this society.

Maybe this is why you have such a problem with us brown Muslim people, because we didn’t do what you did.


3 thoughts on “False White Supremacy

  1. Geez…I knew that it was bad but I had no idea to what extent.

    The biggest problem with the white folk is that most of them are ignorant assholes who think that the world revolves around them and their bland lives.

    I always said that Americans have no culture because they left their homelands to go and steal land from the Native Indians…seems similar in Oz.

    I can be very rude, so I’m thankful I was never accosted by some ignorant Mofo during my time in London because I would have asked them if they’re fucking retarded and if they’re allowed out their cages.

    But then again London is made up of immigrants so I guess everyone is well aware.

    I hate Supremacy of all kinds…White, Black, Elitist, Indian…I think it’s moronic for people to think they are superior to any other person or nation.

  2. Kudos to you girl.

    In US, i was doing a short in one of leading universities and one woman comes up to me and said, “Its surprising how fast you have learnt to type in such a short time,” to which I said, “Oh I had my laptop fixed to my camel back home, i am pretty good at typing.”

  3. Azra- It’s not always so bad. Some people actually have a clue but it’s common enough to have these experiences. I hate the question ‘Where are you from?’

    Tazeen- lol- good on ya

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