Reflections & Projections

I remember a customer telling me that 2008 was going to be a bad year for us all. Apparently there was something in the stars or some such cosmic crap. I don’t believe in star signs or reading something in the placing of the moon. Although, reading different blog posts it seems that most people had a crap year.

But a year is 365 days- that’s a long time and so many things happen everyday. How does it become a crap year? Maybe it’s just me, I’m weird like that. My year was good. Life is good. I have so much to be grateful for and when I look at how much I have, then 2008 like the rest of my life has been wicked.

I don’t do resolutions for the coming year, I never had and I thought I should try this year to set my goals and then I realised I’m going to forget them in a few days and so I can’t be bothered.

I live by the philosophy of one day at a time. I live by my own rules and only God’s rule can trump mine.

I look back at 2008 and I realise that I have achieved much.

The success that our youth organisation has seen, has got to be the highlight of my year. Alhumdulilah we initiated so many projects in our community and completed them all with success. We made a difference to people’s lives and we gained respect in our community. We grew as an organisation and we improved on the previous years.

I got to travel alot this year. Every trip whether for pleasure or work or a course had it’s own charm. I met people along the way and I built lasting relationships with them. I got to travel with 3 of my best friends at different times and 2 I might never be able to travel with again and we didn’t realise that at the time.

I got nominated to attend two different leadership courses this year. I was nominated by people who thought I have the potential to be a leader of my community. It made me proud and I enjoyed and learnt much at both of them.

I learnt how to control my impulsiveness just abit. enough to stop me from making too many mistakes but not to the extent that I felt like I was restricting myself. I know that for me to be who I am, I need to be impulsive.

I matured in how I dealt with love.

I lived. I lived. I lived

Every moment of this year I lived.

At the leadership course I did in September, I got to ask one question to some of the Politicians that were there and I asked what they wanted to be remembered for in 50 years and they all had different answers.

I asked myself that question this morning and I want to be remembered for the human relationships that I have built. I want to be remembered as being a good daughter, a wonderful friend, a good sister in the community sense and a good sibling. It is my humanness (is this a word?) that i want to be remembered for.

Even as I list the successes of 2008, it is the human relations that I have made and nurtured that stick out, that I will take with me to 2009 and which I will remember for all my time.

The most important lesson that I learned in 2008, is that we all have a story, a story that we must share. I learned how important it is to take the time out to listen to other people’s stories. It is the greatest honour that we can give to the next person. It is something that will make us see the other as a fellow human, it brings about respect, it fosters a relationship and life is all about relationships.

A friend emailed me from SA, she is from Oz but decided to return to SA to find a spouse. Anyway, she tells me how she is sick of the world and the state that it’s in.

She’s right. The world is a sick place right now


I think that we live in an exciting time. A time when young people are getting behind the wheels of revolution. It’s up to us now, if we start to push to get those wheels moving. We need change in the world, more importantly we need change in the Muslim world and I see it changing and I see the potential. I urge everyone to get behind those wheels and start to push. If each of us makes a difference to one person’s life and they make a difference to another we have the system of pay it forward and maybe it can work. All we need is the attitude of “Be the Change you Want to See”. I think it’s possible,I believe each of us can if we just take the first step, if we believe.

So if you making resolutions at this time of the year, maybe try and add this one to your resolution. To make a difference to one person’s life in a positive way.

I wish you all a successful and happy 2009!


4 thoughts on “Reflections & Projections

  1. I matured in how I dealt with love.

    I lived. I lived. I lived

    Every moment of this year I lived.

    ME TOO!!! wish you all the best for teh coming year.
    You havent really been droppin in my place πŸ™‚ i mean my blog [one and teh same thing] nevertheless… we have been acquainted πŸ™‚ and I am happy that we are at a similar wavelength esp when you say ‘be the change you want to see’… Surely!

    I hope to inspire as I live along!
    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  2. Seher πŸ™‚ I do drop by everyday. Im just a lazy commenter. I love the way you write and your use of the fonts. I identify with so many of your posts. It’s people like you who give us hope. All the best to you in the coming year πŸ™‚

  3. πŸ˜€ that just made my new new a whole lot wholly!!
    thanks for the appreciation! and definitely you set urself as an inspiration for me πŸ˜€
    Have a great 2009!

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