Tonight is a big night for our Youth Organisation. We are again hosting a social dinner for the young Muslims living in Perth. It’s pretty exciting and Alhumdulilah our Dinners have all been a success so far. It truly is a chance for young people to get together and meet other people and just form a bond.

We are having a murder mystery as the entertainment which should be alot of fun and I pray that it all goes according to plan. It’s set in the 1920’s and the Big Don Ravioli is being killed off tonight. Our actors are pretty psyched and I think the nerves are creeping in now that we a few hours from Action!.

I’m meant to be flying high right now. The excitement building up alongside the stress, creeping up to choke me. Its usually the way I am. I love what I do and when things come together like this I can’t help feeling this overwhelming sense of pride. We work hard day in and day out to be able to provide events like this for our community.

I know that my attitude and my behaviour will impact on whether tonight is a success or not and yet I can’t feel the excitement. I know that it’s not fair on my team either. It’s not fair on my best friend who runs the Organisation with me.

A girl was raped a couple of weeks ago. She was a girl, a teenage girl. I didn’t know her. An investigation is underway and the suspects are a group of Iraqi boys. A group of boys that I know, that I talk to. There is no concrete proof or evidence that they have committed this heinous crime. I know them. I know them well.

I vomited when I found out. I was standing in a parking lot and I couldn’t control myself. I vomited and could do nothing to stop the reaction. I know these boys. In a way I’ve seen them grow up over the last few years.

They are all young, between the ages of maybe 17 to around 22 or 23. They are desperate to be gangsters, they drink, they party, they mess around with girls but…

But they think that it is their duty to be enforcers of  “Islam” ( I put Islam in ” because their interpretation is very far from the way I practice Islam.) They pick on Muslim girls who they see walking in the city. Especially if they Iraqi girls. They make these girls lives hell. One family even took out restraining orders against them so that these boys would leave the girls alone but they still continue to breech that. I only found out about the restraining order this week.

The thing is, when I see them, they’ll greet me with respect, they’ll talk to me, they’ll mess around and I know that they aren’t angels but to this extent…Rape!!!…to do this?!

I don’t want to see them, I don’t want to talk to them, I just want someone to tell me that it’s not true, that it’s all lies and they had nothing to do with it.I need someone to tell me that they are innocent.


But my heart knows that it is no mistake and that they are capable of such a thing. It makes me sick to admit that. It makes my insides crawl to know that I wouldn’t put it past them. How is this possible? How can I think such a thing? I feel guilty, I tell myself that they are good somewhere deep down but I know in my heart that they have it in them to do such a thing.

I know their parents and I know their extended families and I know the way they have been raised and I know that has been a great factor in why these boys think the way they do.

I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to think of what we can do, to change the way parents think so that we can change the way their kids behave. I haven’t come up wih any ideas but I believe that something can be done to educate both parents and children about what is right and what is wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. There must be a way.

The fact that they might get away with it if enough evidence is not found keeps me awake at night, keeps me miserable during the day.  I want Justice for this girl and I do pray that she gets it. At the same time my heart does hurt for those boys. It hurts because it is such a waste of their own lives. It hurts because in a way, their parents have failed them, their community has failed them and by extension, I have also. It does NOT take away from what they have most likely done but I needed to let this out so I can let it go.


4 thoughts on “Purging

  1. I’ve seen it all but when it hits you it hits you bad.
    I don’t want to take anyones sides here and i dnt knw the full story but just something to think on…
    you say you speak to these boys all the time and also you say you just found out about the restraining order and so on.

    But…[yes its a big but…]

    are you not proving them guilty already?
    are you not giving them the benefit of the doubt?

    in what you have said so far you have already condemned them for this heinous act.

    and i would as well

    but as muslims we are also thought that we need to have all evidence before stating either way.

    This is just my thought and i agree i dnt knw the complete situation therefore i am as well bias in what i have suggested above.

  2. You right. I was running with emotions and that’s never a good thing and I’m judging them guilty by just what I know of them and from what the cops and case workers are telling me which just isn’t enough to prove them guilty with, not enough for me to be condemning them.

    Today more evidence has come to light and it looks like one of them will be charged although there were 3 boys responsible.

    I’m going to see them this afternoon after work. I want them to all join a program and I pay that I get through to them. Pray for me and them.

  3. What a read. Thankyou for posting it up. I agree with ZK, we cant judge but I also understand it from your point of you. Rape…if they did it and they pick on othet girls because they are not living Islam the way they think it should be then I hope they stay in jail.

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