I’ve actually had a very productive morning which is great when it’s only 11:30 am. It feels good to have my groove back 🙂

I’m working on a program called Changing Strides. The aim of the program is to help young people recognise their negative behaviour and teach them the skills to turn it into positive behaviour. I’m not a teacher by profession and these lesson plans are actually quite tedious. So if any of you out there are teachers and you have any advice or tips please help!

Saturday is the day of love or so they say. Valentine’s day is wonderful when you in that first flush of love and I guess even after that when you love someone Valentine’s day mostly has some meaning or is a chance to cash in on a gift at least. It’s over rated right? It’s commercialized and it is a chance for people to make money. It’s become like Christmas which has lost all meaning and has become about the $$$’s but..

But I think that it’s still something special. Yes, we should show love all the time but how mnay of us get that chance or even make the time. I think it’s all about perspective. One doesn’t need to go out and spend huge amounts of money but I think that taking the day out to do something different and special for someone that you love is not a bad idea at all.

But that’s my take on Valentines day and I might even get stoned by some of my friends for saying it 😛

I’m organising my brothers surprise birthday party next week and I’ve decided to go with a sixties theme and make it a Singstar party since he claims to be the Singstar Master. So any ideas for what I can do for the decor or pay ideas are welcome.

Well maybe I should stop with the Dear Diary Post and get on with my work.



4 thoughts on “ramblings

  1. I think alot of pychedellic colours make a 60’s theme.

    You can get a cake in the shape of a record player with old vinyl albums as place settings…or something like that…im not very good in the creative department 😀

  2. you should have big peace signs every where, photos of john lennon, posters against the vietnam war, flower power stuff, so like heaps of psychadelic flowers, black and white family photos, omg you should embarrass him by showing a slide show or like a video of him when he was young, like a collection of photos etc!

  3. dear diary will have to be ripped off once the work rips you off 🙂
    so it will be back to the table..
    i regret rippin my diary off and though i dont out loud say it…
    i am craving for something special… anything apart from me making me feel special.. grrrrrrrrrrrr!

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