Celebrations, Peaches & Change

It’s been a long and wonderful week.

I turned 27!!!

I had the most awesomest birthday. It was everything I wanted it to be. On Sunday I went to breakfast with my best friend. It was such a relaxing morning with  good food, good company and even better presents. I don’t do handbags anymore, I’m into clutches and was lucky to get an awesome black and gold clutch. The gag gift was hilarious, it had grandma undies in weird florals and a book on antiques and quilting. It was pretty funny.

Monday, the girls from work took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday even though they don’t believe in birthdays. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses and basically, birthdays are Pagan but they made an exception for mine which was nice :).

Tuesday which was my actual birthday was wicked. My friend Lisa, marched her troop of kids in here to wish me a happy birthday and give me a beautiful scarf and handmade cards which was beautiful. A friend came to spend some time with me bringing me cake and a rose. I got flowers sent from SA which was awesome and my mum cooked me a wicked dinner. She also organised me a “surprise party”. Over the last couple of weeks everyone had slipped up here or there to give me clues without realising it and so on Tuesday after interrogating everyone, I found out it was definitely on which was all pretty exciting. It gave me a chance to dress up for my own party which turned out to be absolutely wicked.  I had a great time and received the best presents ever!.

The celebrations are all almost over.

There is a program that is run yearly by key stakeholders which takes people from the Muslim Community in Australia to Indonesia to build relationships with organisations and people there and also to find out how they do things over there. I was very late with my application but I managed to get short listed and am going to fly to Melbourne on the 7th of March for an interview. I’m really excited about it  and I hope I get in.

You know, life has a funny way of working out. It’s amazing how when you least expect it, things happen and it’s like a veil is being removed and you see things or people clearly and it’s like Wow, how did I miss that? Everything just makes sense, it falls into place. It makes getting over things so much easier, it makes letting go and walking away easier. What you thought you could never do, you now know you must do and you find you have the courage to follow through. Everything in life has a start and an end, all things must expire. It’s ok that it must 🙂 It’s actually quite an empowering feeling.

Yesterday I was at the Office of one the organisations that I volunteer at. It’s an organisation that supports Muslim Women. It was just myself and another colleague there when a woman walked in to see her. Anyway they went into one of the rooms and eventually she saw the client out. Now I must tell you that my colleague is little, she is just petite and really soft spoken and she tends to have so much of patience and sees the best in everyone. She come to my desk, leans down and looks at me and says ” If you ever decide to get married, I will kill you”. It was so  unexpected from her, I couldnt stop laughing. Doing the job she does and dealing with the things she does, I kind of understand where she was coming from. Some of the cases coming through there, just don’t leave you with the best of impressions. Later though, I wondered if hearing about all of these failed cases of marriage and some really tragic stories, left us jaded. I don’t want to be jaded. I talked to her later about it. I wanted to know why she has chosen not to get married. I explained that I didn’t want to be the person who didn’t get married ‘cos they thought men sucked and that all marriages ended up in divorce. We talked for a long time about the way I felt and saw thing and the way she felt and thought things and I came out understanding myself abit more. I’m not jaded! I actually think marriage is a beautiful thing even though I think my ideal marriage might be abit different to most peoples. I realised that my purpose in life is different at this moment in time and that I have no place to fit marriage into it and it’s not a top priority for me. It’s good to talk about these things, sometimes in my mind it’s not always so clear, but being able to express how I feel to someone, especially like my colleague, it helps to bring it all together for me.

Mmmm, It’s time to go and get some lunch. You know i used to love Cling Peaches in South Africa, they truly were my favourite fruit and when we first moved away, I would absolutely crave them ‘cos we didn’t really get many here and they were never sweet. Nowadays though, I love the White flesh Peach, it’s just yummy and I don’t like Clings anymore. Life is constantly about change. I like change.


12 thoughts on “Celebrations, Peaches & Change

  1. guess what i am eating rite now 🙂
    a huge yummy juicy cling peach lol
    its ginormous

    glad you had an awesome bday
    hope the year ahead is also filled with awesomeness

  2. Aasia- it was both 😀 , best birthday in years

    Zk- dude, try a white flesh peach, you’ll never go back 🙂

  3. I also thought White Fleshed Nectarine….I had a white fleshed nectarine last week and it was DIVINE!

    Anyways, hope your peaches are great and that the next year brings even more pleasant surprises 😀

  4. haha, maybe it is a nectarine and my fruit and veg here have it wrong! It’s quite possible. Oh wait I can google it. You apparently get both 🙂

    Thanks for the sweet wishes girls. I hope this year is awesome also, I’m certainly working towards it.

  5. i hate stupid nonsense comments but i have to give one:
    urrrgh i never ever ever again want to counsel on relationship issues after working with teens with lots of freedom last year
    am making dua for the indonesian thing sounds tuff…

  6. hey cup cake… 27 eh!!! good going.. i m gonna catch up soon 😀
    glad that you are so full of life and praying that the life goes on and gets even better 😀
    “realised that my purpose in life is different at this moment in time and that I have no place to fit marriage into it and it’s not a top priority for me.”
    yayyyyy good good 😀 you are destined for greater greatness!

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