I took a walk through history

I took a walk through history last night and I saw William Wallace,


I walked away disillusioned and happened across Vallabhbhai Patel

I heard him urge the people to sign Gandhi’s petition demanding Independence.

I walked away deafened by the crowd and came across Martin Luther King

I heard him deliver an inspiring sermon, all on civil rights

I slipped away when the choir started up  and spied Clark Gable

I watched him kiss Joan Crawford on the set of  Dancing Lady

I stormed off pretty envious and found Samuel Colt

I saw him unveil the revolver and wanted to smack him in the head

Then I saw Mandela and rushed over to him instead

I only caught the end as he screamed, “Let freedom reign”…”God Bless Africa”

I found myself deep in prayer hoping that God did indeed bless Africa when a rugby ball almost smashed into  my head

I turned around to see South Africa win the Cup.

I walked along a shady path and saw the freedom fighters

I witnessed as they drove the Soviets out

My wanderings were tiring and I wanted to go home but then I met an old man who didn’t let me go

He didn’t say a word

He silently shuffled along

He had a smile of kindness,  I didn’t know who he was

I stopped him on his way and asked him where he was headed and if he needed some company to get to his destination

He kindly offered me a drink and said that we should hurry, night would come in soon and without the light we’d be lost

It was a slow and painful journey with the bare earth pushing into our heels and then the moon came out and at last we stopped to rest.

I needed to hear his-story, I needed to bring it back, so we sat around the fire and so the story began

He was born in Falasteen, a land of beauty, a land of growth and once upon a time a land of peace

He tells me of the groves, the fruit, the animals but mostly he tells me of the people

He tells me of their hearts so big, their smiles so welcoming, their nature so kind

He tells me Falasteen is the land that is heaven on Earth

He tells me of his childhood and I know it’s true, Falasteen is heaven on Earth

He tells me of his beautiful wife who is now dead, his son who died, his daughter and son who have left for a better life

He has just left them to return to his home

He is going back to Falasteen to die, he says

He tells me to remember everything he has said and to remember HIS Falasteen

He prays that I see Falasteen free

I wake up in the morning and my journey through history is only a dream yet my heart beats for freedom

Freedom for the people of Falasteen

Freedom for all people


4 thoughts on “I took a walk through history

  1. Nooj- this might seem weird but I was on your FB page stalking you ( No, I was just wanting to go with to Cinderella) and I had to go and write this post. Im uncertain why still but yeh. Thanks

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