Lazy Winter Nights

Winter is so well and truly here. This morning the heavens opened and it rained like mad. Cars were pulling over to the side because they couldn’t see a thing. Worked well for me, I was late and seeing as they left the road free I decided to chance it. It’s what windshield wipers are for.

I do like winter but not the rain. It stops you from doing so many things.

I’m working till 9 tonight and I don’t feel like being here. Today has been a manic day, there’s just been weirdo’s everywhere. They were doing my head in.

My mind started drifting to where I could be if I wasn’t stuck here. Oh the possibilities…but  I couldn’t really come up with some exotic country doing something crazy.

If I could be anywhere right now, it would be in a cafe, Arabic music playing in the background, the sweet smell of arghile permeating the air, poppy red, lapis blue rugs covering the floor, blood orange, magenta, rust pillows strewn about, low walnut tables, pots of mint tea, baklava, kunefe, remnants of hot felafel, hoummous, tabouleh still on the table, surrounded by my friends.

My brothers are there and my best friends and we are all stuffed and are sprawled over the cushions getting comfortable. The arghile pipe hangs from my lips, aahhhh double apple with abit of mint and lots of ice and I’m smiling at a joke someone made.

There’s lots of teasing, great debates, the kind that never gets resolved, the debates we’ve been having for years until someone asks if we read about a news article and the topic veers down a different path, there’s so much laughter, other tables are staring. It’s just impossible to repress.

Someone complains that their arghile doesn’t have enough coal and the waiter comes around topping us all up. He’s caused a disturbance to the flow walking with his little coal bucket through the strewn bodies, it’s a moment to reflect on how fortunate we all are to be together, to have one another, to be here in this moment.

He walks away and the silence is pierced by someone letting loose a ripper of a fart and now the night is truly complete we all say.

Yeh, if I can be anywhere right now, that’s where I’d be. I want more nights like those. I want that now. I miss my friends.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Winter Nights

  1. the rain is such a blessing alhamdulilah, i love going to sleep to the pitter patter of the water as it hits the surface 🙂 and omg I used to wake up at like 6:30 just naturally but now that its winter im like sleeping till 8:00 am, I feel like such a lucky sloth when I see Maz heading off to work, oh well my times coming quite soon with my wonderous 8 weeks of prac….

    also you can make it happen shamz, theres nothing stopping you, its all in the mind.

  2. Yes my love, welcome to the real world 🙂

    Well find me a cafe like that and I’ll make it happen. Sal gets to do it all the time in Canada and I find it unfair!

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