Colossal Rant

This week is a big week for me, I just feel like I have alot to do. Our organisation has a dinner coming up which is womens only and it’s to raise money for the Green Scarf Foundation. We are having three fashion shows on the night and trying to co ordinate things is proving more trying that I had anticipated but Insha Allah, I think that the night will turn out well and people will have a good time.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was trying to give me some “guidance” and abit of “advice”. I don’t mind either from her to be honest but it just fucked me off. My anger annoyance wasn’t directed at her but rather at everyone who wants to keep telling me what I should do, what projects are needed in the community, how the current projects can be improved, how we should be doing things, what is lacking in our current projects and just crap that I’m sick of hearing.

If all of you know so much why the fuck aren’t you doing anything about it??? If you all know whats wrong with what we doing and how to improve it why the fuck aren’t you there when we fucking running around like blue assed flies trying to get everything done. Why is it that you keep turning up to our events, looking fucking pretty, seeming to enjoy yourself and conveniently gone when it’s done.

So unless you can fucking do it yourself, unless you willing to get involved and put in the hard work DO NOT FUCKING TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD BE DOING!

It just gets to much sometimes. People need to know when to draw the line and sometimes how to be abit more diplomatic about what they say.

Everyone is looking for someone to blame, for why things are the way they are, why our young people are in the state they are, why there’s nothing to do in the community, why we don’t have enough Islamic programs why why why. It’s easier to look at someone else, point the finger and say they not doing it. It’s easier to blame someone else for your problems, it lets you off the hook. It allows you to never face your own responsibilities and duties.

But for the moment, I’m sick of being that person that you blame just because I decided to volunteer my time to this community.


4 thoughts on “Colossal Rant

  1. don’t let them bother you. Because it’s so much easier to blame than do.

    pat yourself ont he back, for a job welldone ( yes, now already) for gettign this far without murder πŸ™‚

  2. Thats just so typical of people, quick to shitpick and point out all the little nitty gritty errors and mistakes of everything but not willing to do a damn thing about it. I’ve come across it so many times. I don’t keep quiet though, I tell them what I think of them right there.

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