A million invading thoughts

Overrode by thoughts of you

Endlessly roaming..searching

Still I don’t find you

Wondering what you doing

It’s hard to remember your face

I remind myself it’s my choice

then why doesn’t it feel like a choice at all???

Tonight again, I’ll meet you under the oak tree

I’ll reach out and touch you

You’ll smile that crooked smile

I’ll tease you Mr Bean

you’ll give me your George Clooney look

We’ll fall together laughing

I’ll hold onto every moment

Until dawn comes and steals you away.

I wonder about my choice….

What choice did I really have

The conflict rages on.


4 thoughts on “Choice…

  1. but farooq if it’s only pain why do we revel in it, we spend so much time searching for it, fighting for it, trying to hold onto it? Love is so much more than just pain 🙂

    AD- you’re right 🙂

  2. its human nature to want to do things are no good to us. Im sure its much more, but maybe for one person in a million, to most of us, at the end the only thing it leaves is a bad taste in the mouth

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