I have issues with Nationalism. The kind of Nationalism that dictates that country comes before everything else. The kind that inspires denial to the negatives of said country does not sit well with me. I think that I can be a good citizen while still wanting to see change in my country.

I sell body building products and one of the companies that supply us are giving away free books which gives you guidance to a workout that the SAS (Special Air Service) do. In the book there are pictures of our Australian SAS  troops, pictures with them and an Afghan smiling, his home in the background and the troopers gun in hand. Then there’s the picture of the SAS troopers with a dog on a leash etc etc. They are all smiling pictures in glossy colour. I refused to have these books in my shop. It might seem very insignificant but i refuse to be promoting an illegal occupation, and I don’t want a reminder about the soldiers and their dogs at Abu Ghraib. The SAS perform many duties, they train in many places so why not use pictures of them training in outback Australia? The Afghan occupation like the Iraqi occupation is ILLEGAL and nothing we say and no amount of promotion will change that. Most importantly, it doesn’t make me un – Australian to think that. It’s a human rights issue and I don’t need to have to justify my thoughts or opinions.

The question of Nationalism, what it means to be Australian, what Australian values are have been on the table for a long time now with no conclusions. The underlying  premise that Muslims are the one’s that need to step up and adopt these so-called values is getting abit old. Until these values are defined, we no closer to reaching a conclusion.

We see politicians and journalists jumping on France’s bandwagon of wanting to ban the hijab and the niqab. It’s beyond comprehension for me how this piece of cloth is an issue of emancipation for all women, how my religious beliefs mean I’m not Australian enough.

Quite honestly, I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of the assumption that I’m too stupid to make my own decisions, that it’s unfathomable that I could have CHOSEN to wear a head scarf, that the sight of me conjures images of an oppressed women ( this one really flabbergasts me, I mean seriously). I find it incomprehensible that the people who want to free me from oppression seek to impose on me their will.  If I make a choice within their scope of things it’s all good, the minute I make a choice that doesn’t fit in with that then they believe it’s their duty to free me. FUCK OFF! oh wait, that’s not the kind of language an oppressed Muslim women from the stone age should use right?

I’m sick of the damn debate, I’m sick of having to explain that this is what I choose, that Islam gives me rights, that culture ruins so much of religion, of having to constantly explain why I believe what I believe, why I cover my body and hair. I’m sick to death of it.

I can’t always be expected to put a smile on my face and try to explain it to every moron that wont get it anyway.

So from now on, my answer is simple…. FUCK OFF!


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