Things the maybe future should know…

Hamish created an awesome tag and it might come really useful for any future husbands to know before they decide to spend forever with me.

1.I don’t handle people being late very well. It’s a pet peeve and makes me shitty. I find it offensive.

2. I like silence in the morning. I’m happy to communicate with sign language ( I will acknowledge your presence with a nod)

3. I would walk barefoot all the time if possible.

4 I prefer sitting on the floor than on a couch.

5. I function best under pressure

6. So unless I really have to do something, Procrastination is my friend.

7. I turn into a rebellious teenager if you command me to do something… don’t. Ask nicely and I’l hand it over on a golden platter.

8. I’m a dreamer. I can spend hours dreaming about everything and nothing. But then there’s the moment when I’m so excited at some idea that I can’t contain myself. No matter how ridiculous, I need you to be excited with me. I’l come down to earth in my own time

9. When I have big changes in my life, I need to cut my hair. ( yes, stop laughing, I can’t explain it)

10. I don’t cry alot and I don’t cry in front of many people.

11. I’m great at internalizing things, I shut the lid on it and in my own time I’l deal with it and move on. I like to figure it out in my own time and when I’m ready to share I will.

12. I need to be told things directly. I don’t get hints, I’m blonde like that.

13. My left eye sometimes looks squint to me and no one else notices.

14. I need intellectual stimulation for me to perform at my best. I get bored easily.

15.My parents will always be able to guilt me into doing things. Even if they not trying to, I feel guilty to say no and I end up doing things I don’t want to and then complain about it.

16. I am always peaceful at the beach.

18.Sometimes, I just want to fight, for no reason at all. Just look at it as an opportunity to make up after.

19. I can’t eat dates or banana’s on their own without feeling yuck. I’m also allergic to linseed and psyllium.

20. I’m going to ask your opinion on what to wear and then wear what I want anyway. It’s just what I do. Has nothing to do with you so just nod your head and leave it 🙂

seeing as I missed 17 I’ll go for 21

21. I like alone time. I don’t do co dependency. Space is important.

I tag everyone!


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