Lessons in Life pt 1

I know why I follow my instinct, I am the only person I can trust.

Everyone, no matter who they are or what you mean to them, only cares about themselves.

It’s human nature.


3 thoughts on “Lessons in Life pt 1

  1. I wouldn’t say that as an absolute statement. I think humans generally are selfish creatures by nature – but it’s some people are not like that. And others can learn to NOT be selfish.

    The first instinct, for the vast majority of us, is probably to think of ourselves. But that doesn’t meant we don’t genuinely care for others.

    Anyway – this post was probably inspired by some unfortunate incident; so I reckon you already know it’s not a one-size-fits-all theory.

  2. that’s true in that it’s not true of all people.

    I do think that it is nature to first think of yourself and then others and it doesn’t mean that they can’t put others before them but you are right in that it was motivated by an unfortunate incident and that always clouds the mind 🙂

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