What will become of us

I’m surrounded by single women.Women not single by choice but by fates cast of the dice.

Newsfeeds are inundated with opinions, articles, lectures, all searching for the answer to this drought in the marriage season.

That’s all well and good. No one seems any closer to the answer. So where does that leave us?

All the single ladies.

In this day and age, woman are well capable of taking care of themselves. They have careers and earn their own money and in most cases are financially independent.


Humans by nature need love, they need affection, they were created to want to mate, to need companionship.

Where do we get that from?

Sure, our families love us, so do our friends but is that enough?

It isn’t.

Society, families and friends, well meaning or not, make us feel like we are failures, for not being chosen to be someone’s forever after. More importantly, we make ourselves feel worthless as the years start to go by and the prospects get fewer and fewer.

It leaves us having to put on a mask when facing society to protect an already bruised ego and lonely heart.

Where do we single Muslim women go to for physical affection?

Sometimes, all you need is a hug and there’s only so many times a hug from your dad can make it all better. And what of those who don’t have dads or whose fathers aren’t the hugging types?

It’s haram to touch your guy friends. And let’s face it, a hug from your female friends doesn’t always cut it.

Where does that leave us?

Starved of love and companionship and starved of physical affection.

God in his infinite wisdom did create us male and female for a reason.

How do we find that sense of completion without the opposite sex?

Is it possible?

What can we, as families and friends and communities do, to heal the hearts of our single sisters?


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