Travelling through time

I found this in my drafts from December 2010, I can’t remember what was happening in my world at the time but some things, years on, still resonate.

I want to lose myself in your streets,

walking through the bazaars

hawkers selling ful and felafel

the smell dancing on the breeze

dark eyes looking at me

smiles and whispered secrets

i’m so tempted to flirt back

Ah, the old people who have lived history

if only the language was not a barrier

maybe it’s not, their eyes tell me a story

let’s sit in this cafe and share a cup of tea,

we don’t need words when we are stitched together by humanity.

Back to the hotel, a glimpse of  reality

anxious to get out again and live

kohl rimmed eyes, wanting to imitate, wanting to belong

the belly dancers jingle beckons

simple food that tastes like manna

stolen glances, shy smiles, eyes concealed by black eyelashes, enticing curiosity

the first deep breath, double apple and mint,awakening your senses

the beat of the drum lifts you up, your body moves to the beat

closer, smoke and perfume, intoxicating,

the mind, heart and body duel, who will win?


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