A prayer for the parents


The mother whose womb bore, body split open to bring you crying into the world
The father who paced countless nights trying to soothe your ugly crying face
The mother who slaved herself willingly for you oh unappreciated King
The father who sweated and toiled for your every want oh entitled little prince
Never enough
All it’s earned is your wrath, your dismissive words, your arrogance.
Keep walking away from their broken faces, their pulverized hearts.
Oh wait
Stamp on it once more, put all your weight on it, you haven’t put them in the grave yet
I’l say a prayer for them, that even for one ¬†millisecond you look at them as parents and make their whole life complete.
For you, I pray that God spares you children like you. I can’t even wish that on my worst enemy.

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