My heart and experience tells me that it’s so easy to continue to love someone who treats you badly but my head struggles with that. Why do we hold on, hang in there, allow someone to disrespect us, to disregard our feelings? Is it because we love them? Are we just so scared to lose […]

No More

I can’t love you any more I don’t know how, To love you,more And this love is not enough, To make you love me back. I stay by your side I do your bidding Half hoping it will make you love me too. I love you, It’s your side I want to be at Your […]

We’re meant to mourn the dead

We’re meant to mourn the dead Not the breathing, not the living But what’s the difference between you and a corpse Your mute silhouette on your perfunctory visits? They do nothing but rip open the wound She becomes a marionette, playing happy in the hope that your living corpse comes alive and returns to her […]


Every thought bubble of your existence Dump Every crisis, real or perceived, you experience Dump Every thing or every one you can’t figure out Dump Every pain you feel Dump Every exchange you have Dump Every emotion you feel Dump Every time you feel lonely Dump Every time you are scared Dump Every time you […]


My mamma told me to walk away To stop The pain will stop Walk away And I did The pain doesn’t stop But self respect returns Embalming my heart Giving me hope that the pain will stop

I’m tired now

I’m so tired of this farce Created in my own mind with my heart as its accomplice. I dream of you, imagine being with you In a world where we are one. You are the guy that every woman dreams off Safe, manly, kind Like a bear hug that makes it all better Funny, silly, […]